Jun. 22, 2009

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Illustrating Facebook Privacy Problems

In my last post, I outlined four privacy problems with the current Facebook Platform.  To illustrate how serious I think these problems are, I’ve put together some more details on how they could be exploited.  I doubt much will change unless Facebook users get worked up about it, so perhaps this will help get people’s attention:


If you can’t get this to work, try logging into Facebook first.  Also, a few browser technologies may get in the way.

And if you find all this disconcerting, please spread the link above to your friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter (http://bit.ly/1w3dyy) and so on.

Technical details to follow.

Update: As people are noticing, users who did not previously have SuperPoke FunSpace the currently exploited application installed will likely have it installed after this. You can easily remove an application by accessing the Applications menu in the lower left corner of a Facebook page, choosing “Edit Applications,” and clicking the “x” on the row for a particular application.


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