Sep. 29, 2009

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FAXX Hack: Hug Me

Current Monthly Active Users: 3,157,995

Current Rank on Application Leaderboard: 55

Application Developer: RockYou

Responsiveness: I notified RockYou and Facebook of this hole on Sep. 14th, and have reminded Facebook a few times since that it remains unpatched. I’ve received no communication from RockYou. Update: Facebook contacted me again this evening and said RockYou had deployed a patch, which I have confirmed.

Vulnerability Status: Unpatched Patched Sep. 30

Example URI:

  1. Your site is useless now that you wait release until patched. Used to visit your site everyday. My last visit.

  2. Just another Script kiddie visiting your site for something easy to use. Don’t mind these children as they know nothing better to do with there time then to surf for exploits that will end them up in a mess all to themselves.

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