Feb. 22, 2010

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Introducing Social Hacking’s New Look—and Myself

I’m happy to make several announcements today. First, I’ve long felt this blog had a rather staid design that needed upgrading. Over the last several weeks, I’ve worked on putting together the new look you now see at theharmonyguy.com. I went ahead and brought the theme live, but I still plan on making further adjustments to the code, so I’d ask for patience as the site developers. Thanks to Elegant Themes for providing the basis of the new design. I have some ideas for further updates to the content of this site to match the theme change, but those will have to wait until later.

Second, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m known to many online as “theharmonyguy,” a screen name that goes back many years for me. Using it as my moniker for writing about security research was a split-second decision when TechCrunch covered my first major “hack” in 2007. Part of my decision came from wanting to keep my hacking endeavors separate from other development projects I had in mind back then. More recently, though, security research has become more than a small hobby, and I think it’s time to shed the anonymity. While I’ll continue to use “theharmonyguy” as an online identity, my real name is Joey Tyson. I graduated from Wake Forest University last year with a masters degree in mathematics, but I’ve spent several years working in IT consulting and web development prior to my career as a hacker.

And that brings me to my third announcement. I’ve officially joined the team at Gemini Security Solutions in Chantilly, Virginia, and look forward to starting work with them in March. A big shout-out to the Liquidmatrix Security Digest for the job posting that led me to Gemini. I’m excited about serving Gemini as they provide quality information security consulting to other companies. Also, I’ve been graciously allowed to continue this blog and my personal Twitter feed with the caveat that they don’t interfere with my work duties. Please note, however, that everything I post here is my own perspective and does not in any way reflect on my employer.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be moving to a new state, adjusting to a new area, and getting settled in a new job, so I may not be posting as frequently during the transition. But I still plan on maintaining (and perhaps expanding) both this blog and my Twitter feed for the near future. Thank you so much to all my readers for your help and support!

  1. Congrats, Joey!

  2. Joey, Please let me thank you for all the countless hours you must have spent doing what you do best. I know you believe in what you do, but I cant even begin to describe the impact your work has had. You’re a burden to some, a shining light to others, most of of all, you’re the harmonyguy, and the name says it all

    Hope it all goes well for you my friend,

  3. Congratulations!

  4. TheTestManager says:

    Congrats on the New Job.

  5. I like your new theme, Jooooooooey but the old one was unique. It made an impression. Anyways good luck with the new job.

  6. Great news about the job! Congrats and well deserved! :-)

  7. wish all the best!
    an heavy follower from Italy :)

  8. Congrats with the new job. Security is a great place to be in at the moment. I myself a a heavy interest and enjoy reading your blog.


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